Mukteswar Dance Festival Second day with Odissi Flavour and Fervour

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Festival witnessed more visitors on the second day.

Bhubaneswar(Kalinga Voice) – Organised by the Department of Tourism in association with Odisha Sangeet Natak Academy and Odisha Tourism Development Corporation, the Mukteswar Dance Festival witnessed more visitors on the second day.

The evening’s programme was started after lighting the lamp by Guru Aruna Mohanty, Secretary, Orissa Dance Akademy; Guru Ratikanta Mohapatra, Director, Srjan; Guru Dhaneswar Swain, Eminent Mardala Player; Durga Prasad Mohapatra, Joint Secretary, Tourism Department; Dr. Ratikanta Pattanayak, Assistant Director, Tourism and Dr. Sangita Gosain, Chief Executive, GKCM Odissi Rsearch Centre, Bhubaneswar.

The programme started with Shiva Vandana by Guru Swapneswar Chakraborty along with his group invoking the blessing of Lord Shiva “Uma Mahesh Stotram”.The Solo Dance started by Guru Ramesh Chandra Jena, his first item was Mangalacharan “Haragourastakam followed by Abhinaya Biswarupa Choreographed by Guru Bichitrananda Swain and Guru Aruna Mohanty, Music Composition by Guru Ramhari Das and Guru Gopal Chandra Panda, Rhythem by Guru Dhaneswar Swain and Guru Bijay Kunmar Batik and script by Kedar Mishra. The second item was duet performed by Shatabdi Mallik and Niladri Mohanty who presented Mangalacharan – Shiva Rupa Mahadevanka Dhyana rhythm composition by Guru Dhaneswar Swain followed by Ragheswari Pallavi rhythm by Guru Niranjan Patra and their last presentation was Abhinaya – Baidanath Panchapadi rhythm by Guru Dhaneswar Swain. All dances was choreographed by Guru Durga Charan Ranbir. The group Odissi Dance started with Dasabatara set to Rag-Kalayana and Tal-Jhampa followed by Abhinaya Ardhanariswar. Their last presentation was Pallavi – Shankaravaranam. The programme was anchored by Dr Srinivas Ghatuari and Sanhati Pani. Officers/ Staffs from Tourism Department, OTDC and Sangita Nataka Academy were coordinating during the festival. The lighting of the event was conducted by Debi Prasad Mishra.

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