Sacrifice, restraint and discipline needed to win the Covid war :Navin

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The Chief Minister’s message to the people of the state
With the blessings of the Lord, we have succeeded, setting an example for the world.
Puri has shown the way to the whole world, there is no comparison of the discipline and restraint of the people of Puri.
Life is not as normal as it used to be until vaccines or medications are out.
Follow the Covid guidelines; Don’t be silly, be careful.

Bhubaneswar (Kalinga Voice): The rath yatra is over . Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik expressed his gratitude through a special message for the observance of the rath yatra rituals without devotees amidst discipline and restraint. The Chief Minister has urged the people of the state, especially the youth, to abide by the guidelines, discipline, restraint and vigilance in view of the current situation of Covid-16.
In a special message to the people of the state today, the Chief Minister said, “This year’s Mahaprabhu’s Rath Yatra has made history. All the rituals of the Lord have come to an end without any hesitation. I thank the public and billions of devotees of lord Jagannath.
The day before the rath yatra, I said that the whole world was watching over us The whole world was watching how we performed the Lord’s Rathyatra , with the imposed restrictions during Covid pandemic situation . We have been successful with the blessings of the Lord We have set an example for the whole world by working with discipline. The Lord stayed in the barn for 4 days . But because of the covid guideline and restrictions, no one came to the road Everyone sat at home and watched the Lord’s Rathyatra on TV. There is no comparison of this discipline and restraint of the inhabitants of Puri “
The Chief Minister added, “You know, the whole country is on the verge of extinction now. There are no more special restraints . But India is the third largest country in the world in terms of covid infections. I warned. Life will never be as normal as before, till Vaccine or Medicine comes to market for Covid-19. So I urge you again to strictly adhere to Covida guidelines. Always wear masks in the office, in the workplace. Maintain social distance. Wash hands thoroughly with soap frequently. Do not hug or go to the hut. Take special care of the elderly and children. However, the risk of infection from your father, mother, family, and children will increase. So never neglect, be careful.” Said the Chief Minister

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