World Hepatitis Day

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World Hepatitis Day takes place every year on 28th July to raise awareness and promote global action on viral Hepatitis said Dr. Sushant Kumar Sethi, Senior Consultant & Head, Gastro and Liver specialist of Apollo Hospitals, BBSR.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Five main types of Hepatitis viruses are there e.g. A,B,C,D and E. Hepatitis A, and E are transmitted through contaminated food and water and are usually self-limiting. In contrast B and C are transmitted through blood and blood products and cause chronic disease in hundreds of millions of people globally. Together they are the leading causes of liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and related death.

In our state, nearly 55 outbreaks were suspected to be due to viral Hepatitis (‘A’ or ‘E’) in last 10 years or so. On the other hand Hepatitis ‘B’ & ‘C’ cause 1.1 millions death in world. Prevalence in our Country for hepatitis ‘B’ and Hepatitis ‘C’ are 3-5%and 1-2 % respectively. Though the prevalence in our state is much below the national average but it could be due to lack of proper studies in rural and Tribal population of our state

This year theme ‘Bringing Hepatitis care closure to you’ aims to raise awareness about the need to simplify and bring Hepatitis care to primary health facility, community-based Venus and other locations to provide closure care to the community and– people.

The new global health sector emphasizes the importance of person centered care , alignment of systems and integration of services to reach the goal of elimination by 2030.To achieve elimination of Hepatitis at least 60% of people living with Hepatitis B and C must be diagnosed and at least 50% eligible for treatment must be cured or receiving treatment. For this to happen those in need must have access to hepatitis services that are accessible and equitable Effective, efficient and acceptable.

Dr. Sushant Kumar Sethi

                 Sr.Consultant-Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist

                Apollo Hospital & Omega healthcare, Bhubaneswar

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