1987 Batch of Barunei High School Alumni Meet

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Bhubaneswar: The alumni meet 1987 batch of Barunei High School, Patapur was held at Moti Mandap at Kakatpur. In this reunion meet, students of 1987 batch not only shared the nostalgic memories but also showed their gratitude to the institution and mentors who helped them to shape their career. About 60 batchmates gathered to celebrate their union and recalled their pleasant memories with the teachers.

Sri Bharambar Ojha, retired Headmaster and teachers Sri Subal Malla, Sri Bholi Rout, Sri Ashok Patra, Sri Ashok Panda, Sri Sarada Muduli, Sri Bichitra Nanda Mishra, Smt. Kumudini Kanungoo, Sri Jogendra Parida were invited to join the alumni meet. The students of the school with sheer dedication and perseverance have earned name and fame in the society. Many of them are holding respectable positions in both public and private sectors.

Sri Prafulla Kumar Mohanty who currently holds senior position in Corporate Affairs in multi-national company played pivotal role in organizing the alumni meet. Other students like Pramod Rout,Pabitra Barik, DilipNayak, Basant Pala, Jitendrya Biswal, Debendra Biswal, Ajaya Mishra, Gayatri Patjoshi, Kaminibala Sahoo, Tilatama Rath, Sasmita Nayak, Sanju Mohanty, SaraswatiPraharaj who have successfully completed matriculation with distinction actively participated in the Alumni Meet.

  1. Brahmananda kandi says

    We appreciate with thanks to colleagues prafulla Kumar mohanty for such a noble job.But some other’s who had played role in bringing the occasion flourish should be reflected.
    Thank you

    1. Kalinga Voice says

      thank you sir for your nice comment. But we published all the names which are available in the release.
      Kalinga Voice

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