Burla Power House under OHPC operating with enhanced capacity

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Bhubaneswar (Kalinga Voice) : Hirakud Power House at Burla, a leading hydro power station of the state, started generating electricity since December 1956. Units 5 & 6 of Hirakud Power Station, Burla, after rendering continuous service for more than 50 years, recently undergone Renovation, Modernization & Uprating (R,M&U) as per CEA guide lines. R,M&U work of these units was taken up through M/s. Voith Hydro Private Ltd. (India) since October 2015 with financial implication of 158.77 Crore.On completion of R,M&U work, both the Unit- 5 & 6 have been put to commercial operation w.e.f. 02.11.2021 & 09.01.2022 respectively. After R, M&U work, the capacity of both the units have been enhanced from 37.5 MW to 43.65 MW each resulting in addition of 12.3 MW of power to Odisha grid.Total hydroelectric power generating capacity of Burla Power House has been increased from 275.5 MW to 287.8 MW which is a cheap and green source of energy. OHPC had already Renovated, Modernized & Uprated Unit- 1, 2, 3 & 4 of Burla HEP in phased manner and fed an additional capacity of 40 MW (12×2 + 8×2) into Odisha Grid.

The successful RMU of Unit- 5 & 6 will augment financials of OHPC and this additional power generation capacity will contribute to Odisha grid for peak load management.
Due to sustained and coordinated efforts of OHPC Authority, Engineers, Officers &Staffs, at present all the Seven Units at Burla Power Station are fully functional with enhanced capacity.Similarly, all the three Units of Chiplima are also generating electric power smoothly. It is a committed& relentless endeavor of OHPC to serve the state & provide cheapest green power to the people of the state

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