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Bhubaneswar, April 20: A day-long training program to train physiotherapists in integration of physiotherapy in ICU management and basic life support was organised at the Sum Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) here in collaboration with the Swami Vivekananda National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research (NIRTAR) at Olatpur on Saturday.

            The program, SUMUM’s Program on Physiotherapy Orientation, Rehabilitation and Training (SUP’ORT), was aimed at training physiotherapists in the critical aspects of ICU patient care and basic life support.

            Around 130 physiotherapists from across the country attended the program.

            The inaugural session of the program was attended by SUMUM’s CEO Dr. Swetapadma Dash, Director of NIRTAR Dr. Patitapaban Mohanty, Assistant Director (Technical) Dr. Kishore Chandra Mohapatra, Chief of Medical Services, SUMUM, Brig. (Dr.) Biraj Mohan Mishra and Head of Physiotherapy department Dr. P. Bala Kishore.

            In her address, Dr. Dash said physiotherapy could be a vital tool to address physical and emotional aspects in a society where stress was dominant and sedentary lifestyle prevailed. “The need is to harness the power of physiotherapy in critical care and basic life support which will have great impact,” she said.

            “The integration of physiotherapy into critical care and basic life support represents a seismic shift in our approach to patient care which holds the promise of faster recovery time, improved outcome and higher quality of life for all,” Dr. Dash said.

            The different sessions were addressed by Dr. Anand Mishra, Senior Consultant in Critical Care Medicine of SUMUM, Head of Emergency Medicine department Dr. Susmeet Mishra, Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Sushree Sangita Jena, Head of department, Physiotherapy, Dr. P. Bala Kishore and NIRTAR’s Prof. Basanta Kumar Nanda.

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