‘Swayam Siddha’ – a Progressive step towards women rights in Odisha!

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  • A Joint Initiative of & ‘Mo College Abhijan’ & ‘Odisha state commission for women’
  • Training over legal awareness on women rights to students

Bhubaneswar: In this 21st century, women are being empowered from every aspect of social and legal rights. To be aware about their capabilities and self-confidence, many organizations came forward in recent past. Both the constitution & government have already implemented several rules and rights consisting women empowerment. There is still a need to create awareness among several girl students hailing from different colleges across state. ‘Swayam Siddha’, a state level legal awareness program on women rights, a joint initiative of ‘Mo College’ & ‘Odisha State Commission for Women’ inaugurated on Monday in conference hall of Rama Devi Women’s University, Bhubaneswar, in presence of Shri Akash Dasnayak, Chairperson, ‘Mo College Abhijan’ & Dr.Minati Behera, Chairperson, Odisha state Commission for women.

During the program, Shri Akash Dasnayak, Chairperson of ‘Mo College’ shared the aim and agenda behind this initiative. ‘’Only if we can educate and create awareness among girl students to protect themselves, their rights and the laws that protect their rights, they can safeguard their family, friends as well as neighbors. In coming days, several college level programs to be organized in different districts across state. The state government right now is focusing cent percent on arranging such trainings to young girls’’ he added. Whereas Dr.Minati Behera, Chairperson of OSCW enlightened girl students on different social problems like Child marriage, sexual harassment, cyber crime, minor harassment and the laws and constitutional rights as well as protections one can avail. She also shared different helpline numbers of different departments with students present during the event.  Vice Chancellor of R.D University, Prof. Aparajita Choudhury educated girls on their rights and duties.

Smt.Shyamali Mohapatra, Registrar & Prof.Chandi Charan Rath, Chairperson, PGC, were also present on Dias and shared their opinion. During the event, NSS coordinator of 36 colleges and 1500 students of University were present as well.  Dr. N.Tuna Sahu of State women Commission interacted with students where as ‘Mo College’ Coordinator Dr. Snehalata Das gave vote of thanks and concluded the event.                      

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